BPO Services

We offer uncommon services and a quality of management experience that is perhaps unexpected from an IT firm.Our experience includes inbound/outbound sales, lead generation and list cleaning, national "gateway" point of contact for US Federal Government Agencies, Surveys, General Customer Services, and major account fundraising in the non-profit sector supporting universities and cultural organizations.

Our Customer Technical Support Services provide excellence on the first call and supported by our Response Tracking System for quality review. We look for both technical solutions and services. We have a team of well-trained and experienced representatives to provide your customers ideal technical support round the clock (24X7) using the Web, Email, Chat or Voice.

7 BPO Recruitment Strategies For Hiring

  • Prepare for the many offshoring challenges
  • Hire with (reducing) turnover in mind
  • Build a strong BPO employer brand
  • Predict your changing hiring needs (in terms of skills)
  • Automate your pre-interview screening to speed up hiring
  • Game up your sourcing
  • Evaluate thoroughly for customer service characteristics
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